Progressive® Parlor

Progressive® Parlor

The Progressive Parlor
The Progressive Parlor is a one-stop-shop for entertainment and service. Within the Parlor, Progressive operates a collection of activities: Grab a cup of Joe, watch live motorcycle illustration, check out innovative industry products in the partner showroom, get barber or manicure services from Flo’s Chop Shop, or just relax with friends at the Progressive stage while enjoying live music and industry leader interviews.

Flo’s Chop Shop
Get cleaned up at Flo’s Chop Shop from the best barbers, hand-picked out of Austin, TX. We also offer other personal tune-ups, such as boot shines, and mini-manicures, for all riders alike. During the month of November, Progressive teams up with the Movember Foundation for a second year of the Mo’s and Moto’s campaign, to help raise money and awareness for men’s health. Come into Flo’s Chop Shop to sign up, shave down, and learn more about “Throttle Therapy”. 

Flo’s Coffee Grinder
A place to take a load of, grab a cup of Joe (or other hot beverage), and discuss all things motorcycle insurance, Flo’s Coffee Grinder has you covered. Progressive agents are on-site with free caffeine to get you revved up with the right information and to continue your journey through the International Motorcycle Show. Besides leather, how else are you covered?

The Studio
Motorcycle art you can see come alive at The Progressive Studio! An artist will be onsite to create unique motorcycle-inspired masterpieces, inspired by those who love to ride and the beautiful works of art that we call motorcycles. 


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